CARE T respects and adheres to non-profit social work in endorsing equality and dignity of poor people and marginalized communities as well as stimulating the youth to take responsibility for ecological preservation.

During the twenty two years of CARE T’s journey towards social, economic and environmental betterment, it feels gratified for being able to make a difference in the lives of over 100,000 beneficiaries.

Currently, CARE T is working on Social and Environment Thematic Area, Decent Work and Climate Crisis. In this regard, CARE T is focussing on the holistic decent work of the families, working communities and the marginalized people and it has initiated Climate Resilient Agriculture, Climate Crisis Education and Climate Change Mitigation Efforts, and Disaster Management.

CARE T is implementing BEST TEXTILE MODEL in the global textile supply chain factories to create a WIN-WIN situation for ALL. This venture of CARE T has been widely appreciated by the Global Textile Supply Chain.

Deeming that CARE T has miles to go in its vision, the organization has been reinforcing its forte in championing for the cause of uplifting deprived children, youth, young women, workers, inter-state migrant workers and marginalized communities.

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CARE T is registered under the Indian Trusts 1882 Act, Income Tax Act for tax exemption for receiving donations and other norms under 12 (A) (a), 80 (G) of IT Act 1961, the Employees State Insurance Act 1948, the Employees Provident Fund Scheme Act 1952. CARE T has CSR, TAN, and DARPAN. All disputes if any within the jurisdiction of Coimbatore.  

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