Our journey of social work is for Social, Economic and Environmental well being of All living beings and planet!

We provide

  • Educational support to Children, Adolescents and Youth

  • Children Activity Centres to nurture Life Skills and Joyful Childhood
  • Youth groups formation, strengthening and training for Environment Protection and Social Education
  • Action Groups for Young Women affected by difficult lives are formed and strengthened to protect their Life, Livelihood, Safe Migration and Decent Work
  • Life skill education to Action Groups, Youths and Young Women
  • Educational Support for improving Self-Development, Livelihood Enhancement and Community Welfare
  • Skill development for eradication of Hunger and Poverty and to gain Decent Work and Dignity
  • Educational Support to Factory Workers and Employees on Human Resource
    Development Education, Gender Education, Labour Education, Career Advice, Enhancing Productivity, Motivation and Better Livelihood
  • Training to Farmers on Water Management, Organic Farming, Climate Resistant Agriculture and Environment Awareness
  • Rejuvenation of Open Wells, Natural Ponds and Sand Dunes
  • Training and Process oriented capacity building to Fishers and Women Groups on
  • Banking, Alternate Livelihood Skills and Linkages with Government Schemes
  • Support to the Families of Marginalized Children through Counselling and Linkages with the Poverty Alleviation Schemes
  • Sensitization for Enhancing the Capacities of Human Resource Officers/Managers, Supervisors, General Managers, Employees, Government Agency Staffs and Officers and Local Body Elected Representatives on the Welfare of Children, Women, Labour, Migration, Environment and Climate Change Mitigation
  • Research studies and assessments on social, economic and environmental aspects