CARE-T has focused its activity in the entire State of Tamilnadu for its research based education activities. The organization focuses its development activities in the districts of Tamilnadu. CARET has conducted the following research, education and awareness activities

  • Data collection on Environment and Labour
  • Training workshops on Environment, Organic Farming, Inputs and Crop protection
  • Training workshops on Environment and Solid Waste Management Techniques for elected representatives, local administration and Officials
  • Herbal Gardens in Rural Government Schools
  • Environmental Social Impact Assessments in River Sub Basins
  • Improvement of living conditions by improving protection of natural resources & sustainable management
  • Women empowerment
  • Education for School Children
  • Trainings for rural poor youth
  • Prevention of child labour and rehabilitation of child labourers
  • Socio-economic improvement of the poor
  • Capacity Building Training for staffs & volunteers

Preparation and Dissemination of IEC materials

IEC materials 

Notices, stickers, pamphlets, booklets on organic farming farmers’ manual, ecological education, environment awareness, reduction of child labour and camp labour in textile supply chain are prepared and disseminated by CARET. IEC materials are distributed to farmers, students, women self help groups, local administration meetings free of cost in order to generate awareness on prevention of water pollution, recycling organic wastes, water conservation, rain water harvesting, preparation of organic manures and pesticides, climate change and sustainable agriculture.  IEC materials on prevention of unsafe migration, child labour abolition, reduction of sumangali scheme workers (Camp labour) are produced and disseminated.

In Brief

During the activity period of 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014, CARE-T’s activities in terms of reaching the vulnerable and poor people have been enhanced. It is reflected in the number of children, women, youth and farmers as the direct beneficiaries. The impact is observed through the changes in the attitude, skills, income generation and access to the Government welfare Schemes. These changes have effected in the improvement of the livelihood conditions, reduction of poverty, child labour and camp labour (sumangali scheme) and improvement in the access to potable water by the poor and income generation through organic farming. Grass root level social workers are replicating the activities of volunteers and staffs of CARE-T in their own sphere of work.

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